Away from Everywhere

1h 43m 2016


A struggling writer emerges from rehab and reunites with his estranged brother, but soon descends into a tragic love triangle and is forced to confront a devastating reality.

Despite being estranged from each other, physician Alex Collins pays for the rehab for his brother, writer Owen Collins, and asks him to stay with him and his family - wife Hannah Collins, and adolescent daughters Callie and Lucia Collins - for as long as he requires to get back on his feet. Their estrangement is due to issues growing up with their parents, their father Roger Collins who is now institutionalized due to mental illness, and their mother, Claire Collins, who Alex, unspoken, blames Owen for her death when they were teenagers. The invitation, which will provide Owen a stable place to get back into his writing, is despite discovering what Alex considers some unsavory information concerning Owen's rehab. The invitation is also despite Hannah's reluctance, as she and the girls will be the ones who will probably spend the most time with Owen with Alex at work, Hannah and the girls who don't really know him not having seen him since they got married, and Owen who she fears may relapse, especially if there are any triggers regarding his and Alex's parents that may set him off. Despite Hannah's fears, Owen will become a disruptive force in their lives in a way she didn't expect.

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